Lions of Mitra

Back before Mithras (Mitra, Mitras, whatever) was spending all his mana fighting Set, he used to take clerics and paladins who died in his service and bind their souls to places, or items, or sometimes people. Usually a piece of bone was incorporated into whatever they’re supposed to be guarding — a temple, a shrine, or sometimes a weapon or another item. When Bear et al were still mortals, there were not many left. Margaret, the female paladin bound to Alain’s
sword, was one of the few. They’re called Lions of Mitra, but you could just as well call them Saints.

These are not permanent reincarnations — once they “die” a second time, they go on to their reward. They will manifest when called upon, or when their wielder is in danger of death, but only for those of good alignment. If you want to summon one when you’re not in peril, you have to know his or her name. Once they are summoned and take physical form, they start to drain away, and after a certain number of hours, are gone for good, so generally they don’t spend a
lot of time standing around chit-chatting. Taking damage also drains them, and they cannot be healed. If damaged in combat, they cannot be summoned again for a certain amount of time, relative to how many hit points they took.

Many different powers are attributed to them, but the most well-known are these: lay on hands, an aura of menace that hostile creatures must overcome to attack, aura of courage, smite evil, turn undead, and of course a big-ass cold iron great sword with extra damage towards evil creatures. They’re also really good at detecting evil, and are immune to electricity, cold, acid, petrification, and enchantment.

The “standard” Lion wears shining gold celestial plate, has tawny golden hair and amber cat-like eyes, but that’s not set in stone.

Lions of Mitra

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