Dark Tower

"We got the Sheriff..."

"...and Qarion confused his deputies"

Party decided to search the blacksmith’s shop, and sent Wil and Qarian to do so. They found two assistants there, and killed them both. Afterwards they went through the place and found a +1 cold iron greatsword hanging over the forge, evidently owned by Ollem Hairy Arms, aka Werewolf.

Next they decided to go around town, and then walk up to the constabulary and demand to see the sheriff, so they could then kill him and whoever else was around. They left the wolves and the dogs and Cornelius in the woods, and this may have to be retconned a little later because otherwise the wolves are not going to be reunited with Qarian for quite a while. The plan was to knock on the door, ask to see the sheriff, and attack. That part went JUST FINE. They were escorted into the outer courtroom/meeting room sort of place, and then the sheriff and two (eventually three) of his men came out to see them, whereupon they attacked.

The bad news is that the sheriff was a 10th level fighter and had some pretty heinous magical items, including a ring of spell turning, which surprised the heck out of Turin the first time he tried to lightning bolt him. Also an unholy longsword, which almost diced the paladin into little bitty bits. As things were getting grim, the Lion of Mitra that is bound to the ring that Cornelius had given to Roger emerged and did some fighting to keep Roger from being killed. This turned the tide, and the four were finally brought down. Lots of loot was obtained, and Wil managed to disable a trapped chest in one of the back rooms.

While they were examining the loot and searching the place, two of the sheriff’s other cronies came up and demanded entry. Qarion, thinking fast, used “alter self” to disguise himself as the dead half elf Bolt, one of the four that were killed. He managed to convince them to go away and come back in an hour or so. At that point they decided to head down the stairs that they found in one of the back rooms. They took everything of value and blocked the entrance from the tunnel side. They found a secret door heading into underground rooms, but first decided to head down the tunnel to the doorless/windowless tower, since they’d finally found a way in. They quickly dispatched the few dire rats who lived there, and came out on top of the tower and surveyed the town, wondering whether this would be a good place of defense if all hell broke loose.

Afterwards they came down into the tunnels again, and headed into the underground area. A couple of turns down a corridor later, they found themselves in a magically dark room. While trying to find their way out, Wil noticed a gelatinous cube right in front of Roger. Wil grabbed Roger by the belt, and yanked, yelling “Cube! Get back!” This prevented Roger from walking straight into it. The cube attempted to engulf Roger, but failed.

XPs: 1700 for Turin and Roger, 3050 for Wil, and 2800 for Qarion.



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