Dark Tower

And his son too

Finished off the guards at the manor, Roger branded the guards’ prostitute/cook on the thumb but otherwise let her go. Manor was looted, and the party headed back to the White Tower with Skilvashara (Avvakris’s final concubine). Left Skilvashara at the White Tower to help the gnomes get stuff off of high shelves, or something. Went back out to see if the loot they’d hidden under the constabulary was still there — it wasn’t. Went up into the constabulary and slew the three remaining sheriff’s men, and took back all that loot (including the nasty sword, and a nasty battleaxe wielded by a half-orc). Back into the tunnels, dropped off the loot, decided it was time to take on the upper temple of Set. On the way, ran into Avvakris’s son (his name is Aphris, btw) and four trolls, and ACTUALLY TOOK SOME DAMAGE (just a little). After killing them all, discovered Aphris was wearing a hat of disguise, which the party has plans for. Now going for a quick look at the temple before heading back to the White Tower to rest for the night.

SO — since sneaking is RIGHT OUT at this point, after all that noise, you head south down the hallway. The temple is currently empty. There is a huge statue of Set at the south end, 9’ tall “man” with a jackal’s head, scaly body and Egyptian style clothing. It appears to be made of serpentine (well what else did you expect, really?) but you’re not getting that close, I assume. The scales look like they’re made of malachite, and the eyes are of topaz, and seem to glow. The floor is inlaid black marble, with four braziers of gold and silver arranged to either side of Set. Five rows of pews made of varnished oak face the statue — each row has three separate sections (i.e. there are two aisles going towards the statue, diagram removed because it screws up the formatting)

The pew nearest to you has been gnawed somewhat. The walls are painted with scenes depicting the deification of Set by other Egyptian gods, as well as some that look a lot more monstrous. The rituals being performed in these paintings are more than a little disturbing, and involve blood, sacrifices, and snakes, in new and interesting combinations (don’t try this at home). There are tapestries hanging behind the statue showing the defeat and death of Mitra, who appears as a senile old fool, with his withered private parts hanging out of his clothing as he cowers in fear. One hand is raised in defense, the other continues to fondle a young nude boy. His subsequent vivisection is shown in great detail. Caricatures of Mithrandic warriors (one of whom looks remarkably like Holomir) ring this scene, staring in horror or running in fear as devotees of Set menace them (we shall here expand the definition of menace to include “sodomize”).

Everything is well-cared for — even the gnawed pew has been re-varnished recently. The aisles between the pews are worn slightly, but are still highly polished, as are the braziers. The statue gleams and the tapestries are dust-free.

The belt and ring guardians are NOT HAPPY. George in particular is torn between not wanting to look at all and being appalled at what he sees through Roger’s eyes.

If there are questions, let me know. Otherwise I’ll assume you looked for a minute or two, convinced the belt and ring guardians that now was not the time, and then headed back to the White Tower.

XPs: 1125, 1500 for Qarian



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