Dark Tower

Run away!

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Hello, my name is Mitra

On the way back to the temple, the party explored a former crypt now turned into Avvakris’s dressing room. In it, chained to the wall, was Verus Vorum, a priest who had been stationed at the shrine of Mithras in the village (the one Cornelius came from) when Set arose 300 or so years ago and turned almost all the villagers into his evil worshipers. Verus had been exploring the tunnels under the village at the time, and came back to find his fellow priests slaughtered, or worse, being tortured to death. His mind broke, and he became Verus Two-Face — half the time he is a LG priest of Mitras, the other half a CE priest of Set. He narrowly escaped being killed the first time he flipped in the paladin’s presence, but the party eventually decided to take him (and Avvakris’s ceremonial priestly garments) back to the White Tower and let Holomir deal with him. Holomir remembered him from long ago (Holomir is over 500 himself), and had him put just outside the tower entrance with gnomes to guard him until something could be done for him, if anything. Mostly he just wants to be allowed to confess his sins and get far enough away from the influence of the village so he can finally die. No more blood, please. He also asked them to find the Mace of Mithras.

And his son too

Finished off the guards at the manor, Roger branded the guards’ prostitute/cook on the thumb but otherwise let her go. Manor was looted, and the party headed back to the White Tower with Skilvashara (Avvakris’s final concubine). Left Skilvashara at the White Tower to help the gnomes get stuff off of high shelves, or something. Went back out to see if the loot they’d hidden under the constabulary was still there — it wasn’t. Went up into the constabulary and slew the three remaining sheriff’s men, and took back all that loot (including the nasty sword, and a nasty battleaxe wielded by a half-orc). Back into the tunnels, dropped off the loot, decided it was time to take on the upper temple of Set. On the way, ran into Avvakris’s son (his name is Aphris, btw) and four trolls, and ACTUALLY TOOK SOME DAMAGE (just a little). After killing them all, discovered Aphris was wearing a hat of disguise, which the party has plans for. Now going for a quick look at the temple before heading back to the White Tower to rest for the night.

Avvakris gets his

Not a lot of notes here, either

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike

Can’t find the notes for this run yet, except this:

XPs: 1,000, 1,350 for Qarion

Round and round she goes

The party defeated the gelatinous cube, and then entered a room with a statue of an ogre with its right hand pointing towards one of the room’s four entrances. As they watched, the statue turned and pointed at another entrance, which was immediately walled off with stone. One more entrance was closed off before they left through the south exit, straight into a lair of goblins. A swarm of goblins and dire wolves attacked them, but they emerged victorious. Next they met Mighty Sam, a living statue of a giant, who demanded they surrender their belts. A bit confused, they did so, whereupon Sam exchanged them with new ones that he pulled out of his hat. They parted on amicable terms.

Next they entered a round hallway, which aroused their suspicions. Turin sent his ferret to scout it out. The ferret discovered that a large steel ball circled the hallway every minute, and the party was able to avoid it by timing their run to the southern exit. Several orcs attempted to ambush them from an arrow slit, but the elves found the secret door to their lair and dispatched them. Afterwards they headed down the hall to a room filled with stone statues of orcs and, surprise! a cockatrice.

XPs: 1835, 1840 for Qarian

"We got the Sheriff..."
"...and Qarion confused his deputies"

Party decided to search the blacksmith’s shop, and sent Wil and Qarian to do so. They found two assistants there, and killed them both. Afterwards they went through the place and found a +1 cold iron greatsword hanging over the forge, evidently owned by Ollem Hairy Arms, aka Werewolf.

Next they decided to go around town, and then walk up to the constabulary and demand to see the sheriff, so they could then kill him and whoever else was around. They left the wolves and the dogs and Cornelius in the woods, and this may have to be retconned a little later because otherwise the wolves are not going to be reunited with Qarian for quite a while. The plan was to knock on the door, ask to see the sheriff, and attack. That part went JUST FINE. They were escorted into the outer courtroom/meeting room sort of place, and then the sheriff and two (eventually three) of his men came out to see them, whereupon they attacked.

Caravan? What caravan?

Wil disguises himself as a caravan guard and goes to Overlord’s Inn. He tries to talk to Beldar the Sodden but is sidetracked. Later he is able to resist the sleeping potion slipped into his drink.

The party heads for the caravan, meets 20 brigands and their leaders, and defeats them. They head into the woods where they are tracked by a guard patrol and their dogs. The guards are entangled and killed; Turin’s ferret familiar delivers a Shocking Grasp. Roger adopts the dogs.

They head back to reconnoiter the manor house of Avvakris the Merchant, and are attacked by Ollem Hairy Arms, the blacksmith, in wolf form. They kill him and then scout the top of the manor wall. Turin puts Explosive Runes on a message which is found and read by a guard.

Before heading out of town for the night, they pick up Cornelius, the elderly Prefect of the Shrine of Mitra.

The next morning, Quarian tracks the caravan to a ravine where he finds eight villagers with draft horses and wagons picking over the remains. He heads back and the party tries to decide what to do next.

XPs: 1100, 1425 for Qarian

WHAT did you say about Mitra?!?
And so it begins

The party arrives in Mitra’s Fist (aka Mitra’s Curse). They enter the Shrine of Mitra’s Tower and kill four acolytes of Set.

Experience Level: 5
XP: 0


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