A certain rogue and his sorcerous friend hear a tale from a dying man; a half-drow patrolling the borders of his country is troubled by the the loss of a distant kinsman; a paladin is sent by his church to see what may be seen…

Riches, glory, power and death! All are waiting for you in…


I am a big Judges Guild fan, and at Origins in 2009 I picked up a copy of Dark Tower, a re-working of the original Judges Guild adventure using D&D 3.5. The main thrust of the story involves the struggle between the gods Mitra and Set. Coincidentally, T’Klendathu, the long-time campaign that my husband had been running, had also involved a struggle between Mitra and Set. After 20+ years, that campaign had finally wrapped. I thought it would be fun to try to shoehorn this module into his campaign, setting it about 200 years before our characters came on the scene.

The module called for 8th-10th level characters. Instead of the “you all meet in a bar” scenario, I had everyone create 1st level characters, and then rapidly moved them up to 8th level by running certain key adventures in their past that explained why they were willing to travel together. It worked pretty well.

The run ended before they finished the module, and certain players (*cough*my husband*cough*) have been bugging me to finish it. All the old notes will go here, and the new ones as well, once it starts again.

Dark Tower

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