Dark Tower

Round and round she goes

The party defeated the gelatinous cube, and then entered a room with a statue of an ogre with its right hand pointing towards one of the room’s four entrances. As they watched, the statue turned and pointed at another entrance, which was immediately walled off with stone. One more entrance was closed off before they left through the south exit, straight into a lair of goblins. A swarm of goblins and dire wolves attacked them, but they emerged victorious. Next they met Mighty Sam, a living statue of a giant, who demanded they surrender their belts. A bit confused, they did so, whereupon Sam exchanged them with new ones that he pulled out of his hat. They parted on amicable terms.

Next they entered a round hallway, which aroused their suspicions. Turin sent his ferret to scout it out. The ferret discovered that a large steel ball circled the hallway every minute, and the party was able to avoid it by timing their run to the southern exit. Several orcs attempted to ambush them from an arrow slit, but the elves found the secret door to their lair and dispatched them. Afterwards they headed down the hall to a room filled with stone statues of orcs and, surprise! a cockatrice.

XPs: 1835, 1840 for Qarian



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