Dark Tower

Caravan? What caravan?

Wil disguises himself as a caravan guard and goes to Overlord’s Inn. He tries to talk to Beldar the Sodden but is sidetracked. Later he is able to resist the sleeping potion slipped into his drink.

The party heads for the caravan, meets 20 brigands and their leaders, and defeats them. They head into the woods where they are tracked by a guard patrol and their dogs. The guards are entangled and killed; Turin’s ferret familiar delivers a Shocking Grasp. Roger adopts the dogs.

They head back to reconnoiter the manor house of Avvakris the Merchant, and are attacked by Ollem Hairy Arms, the blacksmith, in wolf form. They kill him and then scout the top of the manor wall. Turin puts Explosive Runes on a message which is found and read by a guard.

Before heading out of town for the night, they pick up Cornelius, the elderly Prefect of the Shrine of Mitra.

The next morning, Quarian tracks the caravan to a ravine where he finds eight villagers with draft horses and wagons picking over the remains. He heads back and the party tries to decide what to do next.

XPs: 1100, 1425 for Qarian



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